A Glimpse of Seoul

By Maptia, Co-founder Team Comments

Guest post by Jac Seah, The Occasional Traveller

I’ve had the good fortune to visit many places around the world. Some were welcoming, embracing me as a stranger and immediately making me feel at home, others were a little more frosty and I never quite warmed up to them. But Seoul… we might not speak the same language, yet I felt a strong connection and it’s a place I will always hold close in my heart.

It was the first place I ever travelled to purposefully alone from start to end; I was only there for a quick getaway between jobs, and I really wanted to get a taste of solo travel. It rained most of the time that July, I didn’t plan much of my trip beforehand so everyday was up to my mood (and the weather) – it was simultaneously scary and refreshing to be on my own and ultimate master of my itinerary. When you’re in a place where hardly anyone speaks English… some days I barely spoke a word at all. I stayed in a lovely guest house and it was easy to get around with the subway and on foot so I wandered around having adventures on my own most of the time.

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