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Maptia will be a beautiful way to find and share memorable experiences all over the world.

location SAMAIPATA, BOLIVIA date taken DOROTHY, MAY 2011

So, what exactly is Maptia?


We are on a mission to build the most inspirational map in the world.

To beautifully record our most memorable experiences in every corner of the globe and build the 'home' for places online.

location KUELAP INKA RUINS, PERU date taken DEAN, MAY 2011

As Maptia evolves and grows, you will be able to contribute to building a remarkable record of the places you love. You will also be able to do all of the following things as a part of our community.


Discover experiences

Find experiences anywhere in the world suited to you. Choose the ones you love or let Maptia surprise you. If you know what you want to do or where you want to go, just hit search and enjoy browsing.


Create collections

Collect the content on Maptia and from anywhere around the web to create and plan experiences you would love to have. Organise your ideas and inspiration on beautiful maps.


Follow others for inspiration

Get inspired by following the experiences of friends and like-minded people, and encourage your followers to get out there and have some of your favourite experiences.


Record and share

Experiencing the world brings us together and we love to share it with others. On Maptia you can capture and share your own experiences with your friends and followers in a remarkable, beautiful way.


We all want to experience life to the full.

To find and immerse ourselves in experiences, around the corner at home or on the other side of the globe when travelling, that will help make our lives happier and more fulfilled.

location MOCHIMA, VENEZULA date taken DOROTHY, JUN 2011

Why are we passionate about building Maptia?

It’s quite simple really. We believe in what we are creating.

We believe that during most people’s lives they have far fewer memorable experiences of the world than they would wish, and with Maptia we think we have an idea that could help solve this.

An idea that could inspire and enable people to live happier and more fulfilled lives.

We also believe that if we all work together to contribute to something bigger than ourselves, then we can create something remarkable. Something lasting that can make our world a more understanding place. Something that can contribute value for the generation to come.

Who will love Maptia?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, we think you will love Maptia.

Are you curious to learn more about the world?
Do you like sharing your experiences with others?
Do you feel nostalgia for the place you grew up?
Do you like to discover the unexpected?
Do you dream of visiting exotic and unusual places?
Do you feel love and pride for the place you live now?

When will Maptia be ready?

The first version of Maptia will be ready in the

summer of 2013.

At the moment, Maptia is a work in progress and we have just a few friends and family helping us test things. However, we are working really hard to bring Maptia to you as soon as we can! If you haven't already, get involved in our founding community of people who love to share their memorable experiences.

Sign up as a Maptia pioneer

Be one of the first people to come on board Maptia when we launch this summer.


Tell your friends about Maptia

Share how excited you are to encourage others to join the community.

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Contribute to our new blog series

Tell us about places that evoke your emotions and share your writing or photography.

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We hope you are as excited about Maptia as we are! Drop us an email if you have any burning questions or ideas you would like to share with us.