Crowdsourcing 'Arbejdsglaede'

By Jonny Miller, Co-founder at Maptia Share

'Arbejdsglaede' is a wonderful Scandinavian word that literally means 'work-love'. Sadly, there is no direct translation for this word in the English language - how depressing is that! We love the concept behind this word so much, that we decided to ask everyone to help us crowdsource an alternative translation. We all love what we do at Maptia and we are sure there are thousands of other people out there who love what they do too.

All we need from you is three words describing how you generally feel on a Monday morning or whichever day your work week starts. So far 70 people have contributed 210 words!

Once we have finished collecting all of the submissions we're going to turn your answers into a beautiful 'Arbejdsglaede' typographic poster and share it with the world. 

This bit is totally optional...

The more submissions we have the more awesome this graphic is going to be! If you know anyone who you think really loves their job please email this page to them here

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