The 'Great Outdoors' postcards

I made these postcards a little before Christmas to send to our mentors to say thanks for all their advice and encouragement over the past few months. We thought they would be good fun to share with everyone else too, and will hopefully provide a little inspiration for adventures in 2013!

What's more, if you email us at and tell us your postal address then we would absolutely love to send one to you via the good old English Royal Mail.

You can also download the original files here, so please feel free to give them a home as your desktop wallpaper or perhaps in a blog post or on Pinterest.

Delightful close-up of the Great Outdoors postcards, drool-worthy.

UPDATE - 15 Jan 2013

Big thanks to everyone, as we have had a great response to this postcard project so far. We are delighted to receive requests to send our Maptia postcards as far afield as Taiwan, Singapore, and Costa Rica! As promised they will arrive with you via the good old English Royal Mail...

Globetrotting, handwritten postcards. Sent all over the world.
We like to call this one 'CEO and the Postbox'.

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Location Hatch Beauchmp, England