Handwritten Quote Postcards

By Maptia, Co-founder Team Share

If you haven't watched designer Frank Chimero's talk about - 'Doing things the long hard stupid way' - from the 'DO lectures' series, he talks about how one of the most delightful side effects of designing things for a living is the ability to "put gifts out into the world".

We hope that these hand-written quote postcards we have created can be, as Frank says, miniature 'gifts' to inspire others to live their lives to the full. If nothing else, we hope they will bring a smile to a few of our readers! Sadly, due to the rather unreliable nature of the local camel post at the Maptia HQ in Morocco, this time around we aren't able to send the real paper versions winging all over the world like we did with our 'Great Outdoors' postcards.

However, we couldn't wait any longer to share our 'Handwritten Quote' postcards with you, so we have uploaded the high res files here for you to download - enjoy!

And if you have a moment, why not share the postcards with your friends, pin them to Pinterest, use them as your desktop wallpaper or your iPhone background, or even print them out yourself and stick them up on your wall. We hope you enjoy perusing the postcards below...

 #1 - Cloud Forest, Samaipata, Bolivia | Albert Einsten


#2 Lake Nahuel Huapi, Bariloche, Argentina | Chinese Proverb


#3 Sipan Ruins, Peru | Chunk Palahniuk


 #4 Kuelap, Peru | Jawaharlal Nehru


#5 Gocta, Peru | Neil Gaiman


#6 Salt Cathedral, Zipaquira, Columbia | Roald Dahl

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