Help the Maptia Manifesto travel the world

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Do you want to see the world? Follow a map to its edges? Change hemispheres? Sleep under unfamiliar stars? Let the journey unfold before you? If the answer is a resounding 'YES!', then we have an exciting project that we think you will love being a part of...

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Chris Guillebeau for our Latitude Series interviews, who had just finished an epic 11-year odyssey visiting all 193 countries in the world. Pretty inspiring. With his adventures and stories fresh in our minds, we have come up with a way for everyone to travel vicariously around the world through our Manifesto. For this, we need your help!

We are asking each of you, our wonderfully globe-scattered pioneers, to sign the manifesto with your name and take a photo of it (with a couple of friends to help you hold it up) in front of somewhere awesome or interesting or unusual - whether it is in the country you were born in, or somewhere more exotic on your travels. 

We will be documenting the progress of the manifesto here on our blog, and will be featuring the most inspiring or intriguing photos. We will also be creating a beautiful map on Maptia with every single one of your manifesto photos as soon as we launch. 


Here's how you can take part

STEP 1 - Print and sign the manifesto. Download and print a copy of the Maptia Manifesto here and then write your first name in the gap in the first sentence of the manifesto.

STEP 2 - Take a (portrait) photo of your manifesto somewhere awesome. Ask a friend or two (indeed random strangers are usually happy to assist) to quite literally lend a hand and recreate the original manifesto with someone holding each corner.

STEP 3 - Send us your manifesto photo. You can send it to us at or tweet it to @Maptia. Be sure to include the following details: your full name, the place it was taken, and the date it was taken - then we can create the special 'polaroid-esque' section for your image (like in the photos below). Feel free to include a link to your website or blog so we can link your photo to you.

Below you can see our original Maptia Manifesto and the first seven travelling manifestos we received. Head on over to our gallery to see more of the awesome backdrops and moments people have been capturing when they create their own version of our manifesto!


Recruit your friends to sign the manifesto

Share it via Facebook, perhaps send a friendly tweet, or send an email to forward this page to others who you think would like to contribute. Help the manifesto travel to every country in the world!


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