13 Quotes To Travel By

By Ella Frances Sanders, Illustrator in Residence Share

Travel quotes speak of journeys not to be missed and remarkable places to see, they encourage us to step outside our comfort zones and to live life to its fullest, and they demand that we grab a backpack and set off into the wilderness. Yet when it comes to actually roaming the Earth or even just walking out the front door, it can sometimes be too easy to watch from afar, to live safely, and to be content with living vicariously through the adventures of others.

The best quotations have the power to inspire the reluctant traveller up and out of his door. Sometimes it takes the words of another man (or woman) to remind us of the importance of travel and of experiencing other cultures and ways of life. To remind us that we only get one lifetime on this Earth and that we should take the time to appreciate the remarkable places around us. Whether you are reading logic or wisdom attained centuries beforehand, or discovering a few words in a blog post written by the right person at the right time and place, quotes have the power to inspire action. One sentence can be the difference between dreaming and leaving.

With this in mind, we've illustrated 13 particularly inspiring travel-related quotations. We asked a few well-seasoned travellers for their personal favourites, found others tucked away in inspiring corners of the Internet, and dusted off a few of our own.

Whether you are currently exploring, have just returned from adventures, or are yet to take the leap into the great wide world, we hope you enjoy them.


1 | Chosen by one of our favourite photographers, Ken Kaminesky

illustrated travel quotes mark twain ken kaminesky

2 | The whole truth and nothing but the truth from Earth Explorer JD Andrews

illustrated travel quotes jd andrews

3 | From the archives of our very own Jonny Miller, co-founder at Maptia

illustrated travel quotes francis bacon jonny miller

4 | Speaking the amusing truth, as usual, is Mike Sowden

illustrated travel quotes mike sowden

5 | Wise words from a Persian poet, found in Al Humphreys' book about his 4-year journey cycling around the world

illustrated travel quotes hafiz al humphreys

6 | Champion advice from Rolf Potts' travel classic Vagabonding

illustrated travel quotes rolf potts vagabonding

7 | The persuasive truth from Jessica Yurasek's stunning post on Medium - 'Why you should quit your job and travel now'

illustrated travel quotes jessica yurasek

8 | Another co-founder favorite from our CEO and designer Dorothy Sanders

illustrated travel quotes martin buber dorothy sanders

9 | Poetic musings from coding co-founder Dean Fischer

illustrated travel quotes dean fischer

10 | Chosen by Maptia's unconventional intern - a serious case of wanderlust 

illustrated travel quotes unconventional intern

11 | A poignant quote from the one and only Sir David Attenborough, who the BBC admitted will make another landmark natural history series in the next 3 years

illustrated travel quotes david attenborough

12 | A wonderful nugget from the 'Everywhereist' aka Geraldine DeRuiter, who we interviewed back in April (it was hilarious)

illustrated travel quotes geraldine deruiter everywhereist

13 | Finishing off the list with the words 'wallop' and 'ethnocentricity' in one sentence, this quote is taken from Rick Steves' brilliant TED talk on the value of travel

illustrated travel quotes rick steves

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