Reading List: 34 awesome posts on travel, maps, and photography

By Maptia, Co-founder Team Share

Only just over a decade ago the idea that anyone, anywhere, could publish for a global audience was a still a pretty radical concept. Today the Internet is bursting at the seams with content and still it continues to grow at a voracious rate. Some of this content is memorable, some of it is newsworthy, some of it is inspiring, much of it is mediocre, and a huge amount of it is probably not worth our time to sift through. What's more, the growing perception that 'virality' is the holy grail for content combined with the sheer volume of blogs, articles, stories, photos, and videos being posted means that the truly thoughtful and meaningful content is often lost in the noise.

Medium is a new publishing platform that is attempting to tackle this problem. We have very much enjoyed perusing the remarkable selection of authentic and interesting content on Medium over the last few weeks and thought we would share some of our favourite stories, posts, and articles in a curated reading list here on our blog. 

The 34 posts we have chosen range from personal contemplations on the act of travel and heartfelt stories from 9-5 escapees, to predictions on the future of photography and ruminations on the role of cartography in the 21st century. Kudos to all the writers who have done a fantastic job on these posts.

Fun fact: If you read all 34 posts in one go it will take you approximately 156 minutes, during which time the Earth will have rotated a further 39 degrees around its axis.

What drives us to leave home, work, and our safe, comfortable routines behind? Is the risk of the unknown always worth taking? These posts offer reflections from people who have boldly thrown caution to the wind, stepped out of their comfort zones, and set off on an adventure.

1. Why You Should Quit Your Job and Travel Now

"I’m talking about the kind of rugged, unplanned long-term travel where you give up owning most things, leave behind a stable home, learn to live simply on a budget, and really see the world for months on end." 

2. The Risk Not Taken

3. Travel While You're Young

4. Live an Adventure

5. To Be a Better Human, Drop Out of the Race for a While

6. I Quit my Job to Travel the World

7. Escaping the Everyday

8. Let Yourself be Amazed

What is geography really about? How can maps be better used to tell better stories? How can maps be used not just for travel and exploration, but for making a difference to people's lives? These posts attempt to answer these questions and more...

9. Geo/Graphy, the Story of Place

"There are geographies of emotion, and geographies of people, and geographies of time. But in the end, everything comes back to a point on a map."

10. The Edge of the Ocean

11. Thoughts on Maps: The Cartographies of Travel and Navigation

12. Colour Theory and Mapping

13. Dear Childhood Imagination, I miss You

14. OSM Marks the Spot

15. One Year Later

16. Around the World in 80 Clicks

Why do we seek foreign lands? How much do you really need to take with you on a trip around the world? What is it like to see Antarctica by boat or surf in Tofino? These thoughtful posts share insights and perspectives learnt on the road.

17. Happiness by the Gallon

"The group of children divided down the middle, the empty gallon container was placed on the ground, and the most joyous game of soccer to ever be played commenced."

18. Bonding Over Beers in the Golden Triangle

19. We Were Wanderers

20. The Backpack

21. Take a Look Behind the Bar

22. How to Travel the Best Way

23. My Voyage to the End of the Earth

24. Dirty Kitchens

25. Becoming Unstuck in the World 

How has the art and practice of photography changed over the past few decades? What is in store for it’s future? These posts attempt to explore these questions and more...

26. The Filter Future

"The best images have a deeper, richer context that draw us in deeper, that bring us back, that show us something new every time we look at them. The best images have a story behind them."

27. We have to Preserve Analog Photography

28. The Practice of Photography

29. Balloons over Bagan

30. Goodbye Film

31. From Photogram to Instagram

32. Photojournalism is not Dying, Just Growing

33. Through a New Set of Lenses

34. Generating Every Image Possible


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