Typographic Tribute to Walt Whitman

By Maptia, Co-founder Team Share

We could write one hundred blog posts, but we would never even come close to evoking the spirit of adventure that Walt Whitman (pictured left with his legendary beard) conjures up in his 'Song of the Open Road'. At over two thousand and seven hundred words in length, it is a celebration of freedom and an evocative call to arms to embrace life on the road. We were inspired to create this typographic tribute - illustrated by Ella, our lovely intern.

If you're as excited about this typographic tribute as we are, you can download the poster in all its high resolution glory on our collectables page here, or alternatively you can send it as a tweet.

Thank you to Rolf Potts for passing on his passion for Walt Whitman's prose to us, we encourage you to read the full length poem on his blog here. Also, we want to thank the lovely Maureen Dai, who kindly gave us her permission to use the beautiful photograph as the backdrop for our typographic tribute. It was the perfect pairing!

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Location Taghazout, Morocco