Happiest Startup Founders in the World

By Maptia, Co-founder Team Share

If you’re not familiar with the TechStars accelerator program it is considered to be the #1 startup accelerator in the world, along with Y-combinator, and has a lower acceptance rate than Harvard and Yale combined. Only 10 teams are accepted in each location per year – it really is a once in a lifetime opportunity. We are absolutely honoured to have been selected to take part. You can read about the other awesome teams selected here. We were utterly speechless when we heard the news. We all gave Andy Sack – the program director – big bear hugs!

People keep telling us that it rains a lot in Seattle, but for now at least the sun is shining, Seattleites are frolicking in the lake and summer is in full swing! On the first night here we took a bus up to Kerry Park and admired the stunning skyline of the city. Jianshi took this cool 30-second exposure shot of us.

TechStars prides itself on being a mentorship driven program but it’s difficult to comprehend how awesome it is until you experience it first hand. For instance, Mr Rand Fishkin, one of the Star mentors at Seattle, has a legendary reputation for being a ukulele toting, cup-cake sending superhero and is the founder of SEOmoz.

If it doesn’t work out it’s going to be a hell of a story…what is life if not shooting for one hell of a story!
— Rand Fishkin, at our first mentor meeting

The sheer enthusiasm that Rand emanates in a room is phenomenal. After meeting with him, we almost bounced out of the room with excitement. Shortly afterwards he sent out a tweet which crashed this blog! We will shortly be upgrading to ‘Randproof’ quality servers.

We knew the experience, drive and talent of the other TechStars teams was going to be sky-high but we’re so happy to be among such humble and downright awesome folks. At 11.11pm every Wednesday all of the teams get together in the office for a shot of whiskey and everyone shares their highs and lows from the week.

You can’t change the world working 9-5.
— Andy Sack, as we circle up to take a shot of whiskey

In order to make the best possible first impressions we are not quite ready to reveal our vision for the most inspirational map in the world, but we did blog about how maps make us feel here. The real whirlwind journey has only just begun… and you can expect some exciting updates here over the next few months!

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