We are building Maptia.

It's an amazing adventure and we would love to share it.

Meet the team.
Location ISLA DEL SOL, BOLIVIA Photographer DOROTHY, APR 2011

Our story begins as backpackers who couldn't find a beautiful, simple way to share and find memorable experiences of places.

We decided to do something about it when one day we thought, wouldn't everything look better on a map?! Over the past year we have been on an epic, cross-continental adventure to learn about building startups, design, coding, marketing, and also about ourselves. We are now working hard to launch the first version of Maptia.

The cofounders

cofounder photo


CEO and Designer

Dorothy leads the Maptia team on their adventure to build the most inspirational map in the world. She loves to create beautiful things and is our designer. Her role includes company development, branding, vision, fundraising and finances, graphic and UX/UI design, and product management.

Dorothy’s favourite place to be is the great outdoors, and she has spent many happy months hiking and climbing mountains in South America.

Mt Aconcagua, Argentina

“Very little can compare to that soaring, throat-tightening, and humbling feeling of being on the summit of a mountain.”
cofounder photo


Lead Developer

Dean is calm and laid back in most situations and loves to do something really challenging and completely new (like learning to code web applications in 6 months). His role includes both back-end and front-end development, UX/UI design, brand development, and business and product strategy.

Dean is in fact, first and foremost, a singer songwriter. He never goes far without his well-travelled guitar or beautiful Hawaiian ukulele.

Neuquén, Argentina

“Jamming on the kerb outside an Argentinian petrol station and turning 10,000 km of hitchhiking memories into a song.”
cofounder photo


Head of Marketing

Jonny is a connector of dots and ideas, and his boundless optimisim and enthusiasm probably have a lot to do with why we have got this far. His role includes co-ordinating and implementing Maptia's media and marketing strategy. He focuses on building a genuine community using creative campaigns.

Jonny would always rather be surfing and is a self-proclaimed hammock enthusiast. One day he will most likely go live in a treehouse by the beach.

Santosha, Bali

“On the crest of a wave, just before the barrel closes in, and a crazy amount of adrenaline is pumping through you.”
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The story so far

Durham, England

3 years of studying, partying, and making a university travel magazine. We met in an acoustic bar where Dean played guitar.


Santiago, Chile

We knew almost nothing about startups when we joined the Start Up Chile program. It was a great place to learn more and get started.


Seattle, USA

We couldn't believe our luck at being accepted into TechStars. Amazing people, amazing mentorship and a great opportunity.

Taghazout, Morocco

Living a frugal life as we work hard to finish the first version of Maptia. Sun, sea, hammocks, and internet are all we need for now.

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